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Fat Burning Running Intervals

Having trained a wide range of clients ranging from post natal mums to professional athletes there is one important difference in training someone for either general fitness or for athletic performance. The difference is not in the underlying methodology of how best to train the two groups, but in how the training is delivered in terms of  exercise prescription and the client being able to understand and keep motivated with the exercise plan.

Personal trainer timing a female runner. Selective focus.

The goals of the “fitness” clients are usually based around fat loss, muscle gain and improving cardiovascular fitness whilst the focus of the “sports” clients are based around improving speed, power and endurance. A fitness client may have a goal of losing weight, whilst an athletes focus could be on doing a faster time in a race. This is where a trainers explanation of how to perform a cardiovascular session is important so the focus is correct to motivate and track.

The “Fat Burning Running Intervals” session below is designed for fitness clients using time, speed and possibly heart rate using intervals of work and recovery. It’s easy to remember and will increase your fitness over most fat burning heart rate zones.

The Workout

The workout is based around increasing the speed of the treadmill every 2 minutes for blocks between 2-10minutes, with a 2 minute recovery walk in between sets of running. If you’d prefer to walk rather than run, you can set the treadmill to a good walking pace (4-6kmph) and then increase the incline instead of speed each 2 minutes.

Option 1: The Running Workout               Option 2: Hill Walking Workout

Time                   Speed                                        Speed & Incline

0-2mins           8.0 kmph                                 5.0 kmph / 2% Incline
2-4mins           8.5 kmph                                  5.0 kmph / 3% Incline
4-6mins           9.0 kmph                                  5.0 kmph / 4% Incline
6-8mins           9.5 kmph                                  5.0 kmph / 5% Incline
8-10mins          10 kmph                                  5.0 kmph / 6% Incline
10-12mins        5.0 kmph                                4.5 kmph / 0% Incline               (Recovery Walk)
12-14mins         9.0 kmph                               5.5 kmph / 4% Incline
14-16mins         9.5 kmph                                5.5 kmph / 5% Incline
16-18mins         10 kmph                                 5.5 kmph / 6% Incline
18-20mins         10.5 kmph                            5.5 kmph / 7% Incline
20-22mins         5.0 kmph                              4.5 kmph / 0% Incline               (Recovery Walk)
22-24mins         10 kmph                                5.5 kmph / 6% Incline
24-26mins         10.5 kmph                            5.5 kmph / 7% Incline
26-28mins         11.0 kmph                            5.5 kmph / 8% Incline
28-30mins         5.0 kmph                              4.5 kmph / 0% Incline               (Recovery Walk)
30-32mins        11.0 kmph                             6.0 kmph / 8% Incline
32-34mins        11.5 kmph                              6.0 kmph / 9% Incline
34-36mins         5.0 kmph                              4.5 kmph / 0% Incline               (Recovery Walk)
36-38mins        12 kmph                                 6.0 kmph / 10% Incline
38-40mins        5.0 kmph                              4.5 kmph / 0% Incline               (Recovery Walk)

You can make this workout easier or harder by either shortening the overall duration or increasing it, plus playing around with the speed and incline as you get fitter.

The great thing about this workout is it takes your mind off the overall time your exercising, as you are having to do something everything 2mins and even though the blocks get harder by increasing the speed or incline, they also get shorter, so you know its always getting easier in terms of the amount of time you are working!

Enjoy! :-)



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