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Owen Beere’s Story

When I first started with Pat I was not in a good place I had been through what I call my “Elvis Period”; through a combination of stopping playing sport and poor diet I had managed to get up to 147kg (23 stone in old money). I had got to the stage where I was taking medication for type 2 diabetes. I was fortunate to be in a position to have regular PT sessions with Pat. I would also stress the importance of diet, as exercise alone will not do it; something I admit I am still struggling with. I changed to a predominately Lo GI diet.

OwenBeere Testimonial

Where Pat’s strength lies is in his ability to identify and help you achieve realistic short term and medium goals. Starting where I was it was all too easy to be overwhelmed with the enormity of where I was trying to get to. By putting together different training regimes he was able to keep it interesting. Speaking personally I have never been someone who has wanted to spend any more time than necessary in a gym. What also helped was being able to take part in the group sessions where there are others with different goals ranging from getting fit to doing Ironman competitions!

Having just done my first London Marathon at the weekend; having taken time to reflect I have realised that ultimately no one can run the thing for you; but it is invaluable to have someone who can give you the tools and belief to get to the start line let alone finish! I would recommend Pat whether you are someone starting out on your journey or even an experienced campaigner who needs some fine tuning to get their BP.

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